CNN Influenced Elections By Hiding 'Obama Boner Video'

Just when it started looking like the media couldn't sink any lower -- it has. Thanks to the release of this incredibly embarrassing CNN video of Barack Obama PRESENTING HIS ERECT PENIS to his female campaign workers in 2008!  

Obamas Boner Video

Why haven't you seen 'Obama's Boner Video'? Because CNN hid it...for 8 years!  By omission, CNN may have influenced both the 2008 & 2012 elections.

In any work-place, this kind of behavior would represent a fireable offense. In many locales, it could be interpreted by Law Enforcement as a crime. If you saw someone who was running for President do this -- WOULD YOU VOTE FOR THAT MAN? Most people wouldn't.

But we didn't get to make that choice in 2008, did we? Because WE didn't know anything about this disgusting video. If CNN HAD released this video -- when it occurred -- Hillary Clinton would have undoubtedly been elected President in 2008. 

If CNN had video of Donald Trump proudly showing his 'Campaign Staff' to his female employees -- do you think CNN would have shared Trump's Boner Video with the world? Of course they would.

By showing us only what they wanted us to see, the media decided WHICH Barack Obama we voted for in 2008. He was anointed by the media and for over 8 years they protected him. Only now are we discovering exactly how far they were willing to go.

The media's incessant attacks on Donald Trump, while ignoring the hornets-nest-of-corruption surrounding DC, shows us exactly how corrupt the Legacy Media really are. The media now see themselves as the King-Makers -- and they wield incredible power over us all.

The incestuous relationship that exists between the media and our government has become an existential threat to our Democracy. The American people cannot allow this situation to continue.
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