Company That 'Proved' Russia Hacked The DNC Was Wrong

DNC Hackers

Crowdstrike is the IT company the DNC hired to investigate the hacking of their computer network. Crowdstrike was brought in because the DNC refused to give the FBI access to their computers

Crowdstrike attributed the DNC hack to Russia simply because of the tools the hackers used, nothing else. But investigators have found those same 'Russian hacking tools' are available from a variety of sources. 

This discovery nullifies significant portions of Crowdstrike's initial report. So there is absolutely no proof Russians hacked the DNC after all. 

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NSA Maintained 'Trump Intel' Spreadsheets For Susan Rice


“What was produced by the intelligence community at the request of Ms. Rice were detailed spreadsheets of intercepted phone calls with unmasked Trump associates in perfectly legal conversations with individuals.

The overheard conversations involved no illegal activity by anybody of the Trump associates, or anyone they were speaking with. In short, the only apparent illegal activity was the unmasking of the people in the calls.”

— Former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova told The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group

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The Media's Incestuous Relationship With Progressives



Parsing Susan Rice's Weasel Words

Remember when Susan Rice took to the Sunday news shows and told America repeatedly that the deaths of those heroes in Benghazi, Libya were due to an 'internet video' no one had ever seen? 


The fact that everyone knew she was brazenly lying didn't seem to phase her at all. Think about that. 

Well now Susan Rice is back and she's trying to convince America that there was nothing 'inappropriate' about their surveillance of Donald Trump and his associates during the 2016 election campaign.

The same surveillance she previously said had never occurred... 

Blogger DWebster analyzed Susan Rice's latest attempt at pulling the wool over America's eyes, with her 'weasel words', in this comment DWebster left at TheHill.com. Check it out!

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Democrats Prove Other Democrats Had Secret Contacts With Russia


Now that we know the Obama Administration was unmasking NSA-gathered intelligence on American citizens, and illegally distributing it, the Democrats' 'Russia Strategy' has been exposed.

Democrats have been trying to convince us Donald Trump had 'inappropriate' contact with Russians, but the only thing they've actually been able to expose is questionable Russian contacts by other Democrats. 

Blogger Pap at AmericanThinker.com came up with a list of 'Russia questions' the Republicans in Congress should be asking Democrats now. Read Pap's comment below.

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Is SpaceX's Reusable Rocket Strategy Missing The Mark?


With SpaceX's first successful demonstration of the reusable booster rocket they've been developing, many experts predict the world of space travel is on the verge of a revolution. 

Blogger NuuBee at ZeroHedge.com doesn't agree. This comment NuuBee left posits the idea that Elon Musk can't get more than a 10% reduction in overall launch costs using his re-usable rocket strategy.

NuuBee thinks SpaceX could have put humans on Mars quicker, and they could have done it more profitably too.

Read NuuBee's interesting comment...

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A Brief History Of The British Royal Family


While America & Britain share a common history, few Americans have an affinity for the whole concept of a Royalty.

Our individualistic flair doesn't make us conducive to being subject to the dictates of a monarch. But it is important to understand where we've come from. 

Blogger VladimirUlayanov left a brief history of the British Royal Family's lineage on AmericanThinker.com that will prove educational for many.

Read VladimirUlayanov's comment below. 

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Trump Is Draining The Deep State Swamp



Why You Should Support Chelsea Clinton


Progress Report: Donald Trump's First 70 Days


Donald Trump is a machine, in only 70 days he's already logged an amazing list of accomplishments.

Unfortunately the media refuses to report on all of the campaign promises President Trump is fulfilling, so people are unaware of the impressive list of issues he has tackled already. 

To help us all keep up, Blogger Shannon Martin documented many of the Trump Administration's early accomplishments in this comment left at DailyCaller.com.  

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Debunking The Progressive Lies - Democrats Care About Workers

Democrats Screw The Little People1. If you are truly the party of the poor, middle class & America's working families...then why do you: 

a). demand Amnesty/citizenship for millions of illegal aliens

b). seek to increase the number of immigrants from 3rd world countries including those who promote/sponsor terrorism 

c). open borders thus simultaneously serving as the instrument of destruction of the very poor, middle class (which impacts minorities most) & America's working families you claim to represent/champion?

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Illegal Alien Criminals Cost America Bigly


Illegal-alien-criminals cost America billions of dollars every single year. Why have our 'leaders' accepted this expense? 

And after serving their prison sentences, instead of being deported, many illegal-alien-felons are being dumped back onto our streets.

Why in the world aren't illegal-alien-felons being deported when their prison sentences are up? 

Blogger CitizenObservers at Daily Caller commented on the true financial burden illegal-alien-criminals put on America. But these numbers only include the costs of incarcerating criminals on the federal level. Holding them at the state and local level costs billions more. 

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The Progressive Bird Feeder Has Created A Big Mess

flock_of_birdsSince Progressives can't convince the American people to accept their Politically Correct Looniness, they've decided to attack the problem in a different way and 'grow' a new permanent-majority of Democrats.

With the promise of generous hand-outs, our government has been luring poor immigrants here from Central America for years. How could poor people resist?

In some places, whole towns have reportedly picked-up and migrated here recently. 

Blogger Hardright49 left a comment on Breitbart.com that compares our country's immigration problems with what transpired in his backyard when he tried to do something nice and feed the birds. You should read it...

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The Church Of Global Climate Change


The Left is against all forms of religion...except the form they've created themselves.

Progressive zealots are now blaming everything -- from terrorism to poverty -- on the religious mythology they call Man-Caused Global Warming.

Blogger Surfinnonreality explains how the Left-Wing Extremists' religion has striking similarities to the traditional religions Leftists regularly oppose.

Read the interesting Climate Change comment Surfinnonreality left at AmericanThinker.com

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Does Drug Cartel Cash Buy Sanctuary City Support From Democrats?


Why are the leaders of our urban centers declaring their communities Sanctuary Cities? They're openly defying federal law and assisting criminals, all to the detriment of the law-abiding citizens who fund them.  

Blogger Wrabble thinks the answer is that Democrats are in league with the Drug Cartels.

It's an explosive idea, sure, but it would certainly explain some of the Progressive immigration lunacy we've been witnessing the last few years.

Read Wrabble's interesting theory in this comment left at WashingtonTimes.com.

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The DC Swamp Is Deeper Than Anyone Thought


Meanwhile, the media has demanded no proof about the Russia nonsense, for which no evidence has been produced after almost a year of fishing by the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign (one and the same).

It is clear what happened. The Obama administration used the Russia ruse as an excuse to conduct surveillance on the campaign of the opposing party's presidential candidate.

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DC Intrigue Rivals The Best Fiction

DC Intrigue Rivals The Best Novels

I'll throw my hat into the ring, as this plot rivals some of the best fiction I've ever read.

1. The Comey/Clinton "investigation" had its intended effect - it gave the appearance that Comey was an impartial participant at worst, and anti-Clinton as best. Pure, unadulterated smokescreen, and one of the best ones I've ever seen.

Of course, we know this wasn't remotely possible, as Comey's immediate family was financially benefitting from the Clinton Foundation. It was pure smokescreen because...

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Just The Facts


I do not know what the facts are, yet. The facts that are apparent to me are the Media Assault on Trump, period.

1. Trump makes a seemingly unsubstantiated claim.
2. Trump refuses to back down on the claim (Usual for him)
3. Trump requests an investigation of his claims (NOT usual for him)
4. MSM and the entire establishment, rather than investigating claims, call Trump a liar and demand he retract and apologize.

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Revealing Raw Surveillance Data Opened Pandora's Box


The real story here—and it's frustrating, to say the least, that it is not emphasized—is that the actions of Attorney General Lynch, in dramatically relaxing the dissemination of raw surveillance data in the last few weeks of the Obama administration, cannot possibly have been anything but an act intended to unmask the identities of Trump et al. to the public.

Of course the media would rather commit mass suicide than investigate that crime.

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Enemies Of Trump Are In A Catch-22


Here’s how I see it. There were illegally obtained intercepts of Trump communications (call them wiretaps, or intercepts, or whatever).

They show Trump did nothing wrong but they can be used to continue to push the narrative ‘Trump was involved with the Russians to hack the election’ and keep the Trump administration mired in a haze of innuendos and suspicion thereby damaging his administration.

But they have a problem.

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