The Clintons' Fake Charity Collapses

Wow....I need to buy a lottery ticket. Over the last few weeks, I have predicted in several posts that the Clinton Foundation would by lucky to last a couple of more years if Hillary lost. It is kind of hard to run a foundation when you don't have anyone willing to contribute...and the Clintons certainly weren't going to keep funding it with their own money.

But, I really had no idea that it would come crashing down as soon as it seems to have done. 

The article was spot on when it said it would further accusations that it was a cover for a pay-to-play scheme. Legitimate charities don't lose the majority of their funding in just a few weeks if the work they do is also legitimate. I think the result now being realized speaks to how much of a legitimate charity the Clintons were really running.

No, it was not legitimate, it was a cover. The so called foundation was nothing but a front for a political money laundering organization. It was the personal slush fund for the Clintons which dried up almost immediately when Hillary lost and the Clintons lost almost all of their political influence in a matter of hours.

Was the "foundation" corrupt? Absolutely. Hillary, Bill and Chelsea should all be in jail.
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