Climate Change Data Is Easily Proven Wrong

I have been looking at the Arctic ice pack data recorded by NOAA for the last 4 years. Of particular interest was the left wing reports that came out in 2014 that there was a downward trend of the Arctic ice pack melting away for 12 years, which by their standards proved that there was global warming.

And soon the eastern seaboard would be under water due to all the melting!!! Well this did not happen and never will! Indeed they were able to show a downward trend, but, how ignorant do these morons believe we are? 

The Arctic ice pack has been melting and refreezing for thousands of years. As much as 50 to 70% melts every year and refreezes. That only leaves another 30% to melt during the worst years.

Certainly, if 70% of all available Arctic ice melted we should see major flooding everywhere! Has anyone seen the sea level rise to the flood levels that they claim would happen, of course not!

Why is this the case? It is very simple, as we have all been taught for years water is the one substance unlike all other elements that when it cools it expands. Well this is only half true.

First water is not an element it is a compound of oxygen and hydrogen (H2O). And like most other materials it does expand when heated and contracts when cooled. Its is just that during cooling when water reaches 4 degrees Centigrade a phase change occurs where the atomic bonding of the hydrogen atoms rearrange and create a low density material known as ice.

This is why ice floats, it is less dense than water and the same weight of ice takes up more space than the same weight of water. So when that same unit of ice is floating on the water it is already displacing the water to a level equivalent to the same unit of water.

Therefore, there will not and can not be an increase in water level when ice melts that is floating on water. If, however ice melts that is on land that would be another case. However, there is no evidence that land mass ice is melting at abnormal amounts.

If land mass ice were melting at abnormal amounts we would first see streams and rivers over flowing and major flooding within the land mass before it would reach the oceans. So, don’t be fooled by the global warming propaganda.

When I researched the NOAA data that the left was reporting, it only represented about 6% of all the collected data. The only data they reported was cherry picked data from the warmest months of each year which for a twelve year period did show the reported downward trend.

However, what was ignored and not reported, because it didn’t support the left narrative, was that every year during the winter months of this 12 year period the ice pack grew back to normal levels of ice pack.

Of further interest is that when the data in 2015 stopped supporting the downward trend the government stopped NOAA from recording the new data.

And, after a period of time of not recording the new data, that was not good enough, because, there was too much evidence contrary to their narrative for the left wing liars so they went back and removed all the historical evidence of all the ice pack data. Go to the site and see for yourself.

By the way if anyone wants to see the historical data, I copied it all, before it was “WIPED CLEAN” by our corrupt government. Does this sound familiar?
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