CIA White-Hats Used Wikileaks To Counter Coup Against Trump


Steve Pieczenak is probably concerned that the activities of the CIA could destroy it for good. The CIA: 

1). Amassed a huge surveillance network without mandate or oversight 
2). Collected history's biggest collection of private information in one place; and then
3). Proceeded to lose control of its tools, and thus of ALL that information 

If a foreign agent does attack the US, nobody is even going to be sure that they did, let alone who it was, because the foreign agent could always claim they were 'spoofed' by the CIA with their now-notorious 'identity misallocation' tools. 

The CIA is in a position to attack its own host (the USA) and pretend someone else did it -- no-one would ever be able to prove who it was. ANYONE who now has those same tools -- already distributed to, what was it, 5,000 other parties? -- now has access to their mountain of data, could collect more, could even attack the USA, and then 'spoof' someone else.

IOW, they have an unmandated shitload of private, intimate data on The People, no way of protecting it, and no way of proving the source of any attacks that may be made.

The CIA could now be categorized as an official national security risk, and certainly their big uncontrolled data collection should be. I have no idea how that entity survives after this. The CIA has proved that its existence is a big national security risk.

If a new administration is really going to pursue justice, some of these spooks should be tried for treason. They have turned their own organization into a national threat.

If we learn anything out of this, let's hope that Lesson 1 is: the bigger the data collection, the more people who have access to collect/maintain such data; the BIGGER is the risk to national security.

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