Capitalism Rewards Success And Punishes Failure

There is NO underclass in the United States...NONE. Every American is born with the opportunity to create their own luck....with the opportunity to create goods or services, compete and achieve anything they desire.

Americans are NOT born into 'classes or castes'. Before America, a man could blame his bad luck on his parents 'position' in society, because whatever 'class' one was born into, there was little chance of escape.

However, in America, a person can not blame anyone else for their failure.....Capitalism rewards success and punishes failure. Anyone who is a failure need only look at their poor decisions and accept that others were randomly born with better abilities.

Ergo, I reject your notion of an American 'underclass'. It is the 'Losers' in a Capitalist society who are incapable of accepting the reality that Winners made better decisions and were born with 'better luck'.

One can't change the latter, but through sheer determination can maximize the former and succeed.

On this we agree.....but 'underclass' RUBBISH......until an American dies, they still possess their American Birthright to get out there and SUCCEED!
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