Canniness And Wit Make Drudge A Political Influencer

Drudge is an anthologist: he collects texts on a 24-hour basis and passes these on to the net.

His contribution is not that of a political maven, but rather in the form of publication--or rather, re-publication--of texts by others.

That said, it's still to the point that selection and organizing texts is itself the act--in this case--of a sophisticated editor who selects and arranges (and selectively ignores texts he does not want to pass on), and in that respect he creates what is in fact a "new" text.

On that basis, we have to say that what he does is research coupled with organization of these texts and directing them strategically into the internet at calculated moments in the daily news cycle.

As a retired research scholar I can appreciate the canniness and even wit with which these texts are set out for the use and amusement of a world-wide audience.
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