Can We Hear Clinton's Juicy Audio Tapes Now?

The media's incessant talk about Trump's ancient audio clips gave me an idea. Somewhere in the National Archives are recordings of everything that was said in the Oval Office during Bill Clinton's presidency.

If Hillary hasn't deleted them yet, those audio archives will include the audio recording of Bill Clinton molesting Kathleen Wiley. Before Bill Clinton is ever allowed to return to the White House...the American people deserve to hear that recording.

And just IMAGINE the treasure-trove of other defamatory comments against women that are on those Oval Office recordings from the Clinton Administration. I suspect not all of them came from Bill either.

Wouldn't you like to hear THOSE recordings? The truth is, we probably never will.

Because, unlike Donald Trump, Bill Clinton's embarrassing audio clips are shielded by privacy laws, written by corrupt lawyers past. After seeing what the corrupt media has done with the embarrassing recording of Donald Trump -- considering Bill Clinton's past -- the American people deserve to hear the truth.

Personally, I want to hear a WikiLeaks style dump of every single 'locker-room conversation' that ever took place when Clinton was in the Oval Office. Nothing short of that would be 'fair'?

But after 20 years of inaction, the media has proven it has no interest in hearing the Oval Office audio recordings of Bill Clinton's debauchery. So, if the media isn't interested in the evidence, how can the American people get access to the incriminating audio hidden in the Clinton archives?

Is there anyone left in our government that will tell the American people the truth?

- Is there one person left in our government that has access to the Oval Office audio archives that ISN'T corrupt?

- Is there one person left in our government with the courage to share THE TRUTH about Bill & Hillary Clinton with the American people?

- Is there one person in Law Enforcement that doesn't think it was OK for Bill Clinton to get away with sexually assaulting women in the White House?

- Is there one brave whistle-blower left in our government who doesn't think it was OK for Hillary to run a 'War Room' -- in the White House -- whose main goal was to DESTROY the women Rapey Bill had assaulted?

- Is there a Federal Judge left that doesn't think it was OK for Hillary to brazenly destroy email evidence AFTER receiving a Congressional subpoena -- then repeatedly lying about it under oath?

- Is there anyone in the FBI who doesn't think it was "in accordance with the law" to ignore Hillary Clinton's many crimes -- because of lack of 'intent'. THEN grant immunity to Hillary's co-conspirators, while NOT compelling them to testify? Anyone?

Based on recent events, it doesn't look like there are any more brave Patriots left in our Government. The corruption in our institutions appears to be pervasive. In fact, it's starting to look like our Constitution has been eviscerated and the 'Corrupt-O-Crats' have finally won.

But I predict their victory will be short-lived.

One day...the truth WILL be revealed.

One day...there WILL be perp-walks.

One day...the Clintons and all of their co-conspirators WILL face Justice.

One day...
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