Can The Union Survive This Cultural Civil War?


After my experiences, flying with DNC "strategists," listening to DNC luminaries such as Debbie "Blabbermouth" Schultz and of course, Donna "Big Mama" Brazile, Senator Tim Kaine along with "Algore" and company, I can attest to you, that they are STRONG advocates of a "Progressive Totalitarian" State.

I was once told, by one of Algore's cronies, in the future, there will be no corporate jets. "Only those flown for the people." I asked him what he meant by that, and the reply involved "too much carbon footprint," and the "inequality" of corporate fat cats, flying around in private jets, screwing-up the planet!

As you are aware, Hannah Arendt is one of my favorites. As such she WARNED of a future round of SOCIALIST totalitarians who would supersede both the National Socialists AND the Communists.

In one of her many lectures I reviewed while at Heidelberg, she again WARNED that although Hitler and Stalin were both gone, their collective ideas and ideals continue to be cherished and admired by too many, on the Left.

Today's Democrat-Socialists, Progressives, Liberals, Liberal Fascists, or Liberal Socialists as I prefer to call them, have incorporated the IDEOLOGY of TOTALITARIANISM. Most of the followers of "Progressivism" have no clue as to what their masters advocate!

So many are simply PAID STOOGES of the likes of George Soros ( a truly EVIL man) and think they are "getting over" on the "man," (to use a 60's theme).

Few of Lenin's followers truly understood what the Bolshevik Revolution was all about, anymore than those who followed Hitler and the National Socialists in the early years, knew what disasters laid ahead for them! There is no difference with the mobs and hoards of Liberal Socialist followings today.

WE truly have a MESS in our country and it's the fault of BOTH Democrats and the GOPe! But...the advent of Donald Trump may well change all that currently resides and presides in Washington.

Arendt also illustrated, quite clearly, that it would be an easy thing, for National Socialists, to morph into Communists, and Communists, into National Socialists! The two ideologies are so close in nature, that, as she pointed out, it was inevitable that the two ideologies would fight a death fight, as they did from 1941-45. The ultimate in competition, is war.

So, what happens in the USA? Liberal Socialism v. Conservatism. The question is, can we avoid WAR, something that Leftists seem to want (especially if they can mask it as a "race war). Can we avoid the destruction of our Union? Maybe, but probably not.

Although I am an advocate of Texas Independence, I remain a firm believer in the Union...IF we hold a Convention of the States and set the nation, once again on a straight and level flight path!

Bar that and I firmly believe that the future of Texas, is a renewed Republic of Texas, based on Freedom, Free Enterprise and the other principles she was founded on in 1836. Principles IDENTICAL to those the USA was founded on in 1789.
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