Can The 2016 Election Be Delayed Or Cancelled?

He can try, but the following reasons make any attempt to halt/delay the election reason for the states, individually and collectively, to demand his immediate arrest and impeachment.

1. There are at least FOUR candidates for POTUS on the ballot in most states. Should Hillary be incapacitated that leaves THREE candidates on the ballot from political parties that have placed candidates on the ballot in consecutive elections for several decades.

2. Should Hillary be incapacitated, the Democrats have a candidate for Vice-President who is qualified to step into the slot for POTUS, which would be in accordance with the constitutional provisions for secession.

3. The U.S. Constitution makes no provision for organized Political Parties. The failure of a candidate proposed by an organized political party to run or serve should be newsworthy but of no political effect as far as US Law is concerned.

The "two party system" that has evolved in the US is something that has happened on a cultural basis and has no basis in law and any effect from that system is outside of the scope of the lawful governance of the United States of America.

The viability of any particular candidate, for whatever reason, is not a concern of the lawful election system, and therefore not a matter for the government or any government official to take official note or action on, with the single exception of those officials specifically charged with the conducting of the election [in accordance with the relevant laws].

The demonstration of this is the fact that there are always candidates from the Libertarian, Green, and other minor political parties on the ballot in the majority of states.

Whether these candidates have a mathematical chance of being elected is not a matter for the election officials as long as the qualifications for being placed on the ballot are met. That the mathematics of the election changes with the incapacity of an already on the ballot candidate is not a concern of the election officials.

Their only lawful concern is to see that the actual election is conducted in accordance with the laws.
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