Can America Escape This Progressive Rabbit-Hole

To a degree, but it depends on how far it's gone. The UK went hard socialist after WWII, for a while. During this time, they nationalized a number of their industries. Once Churchill was re-elected to Prime Minister, he threw out what he could of it and privatized a number of industries that his predecessors had taken over.

Part of our problem is that I don't think we have politicians who are willing to steer us away from the socialist cliff. Most people alive today have never known the freedom that the US Founders had intended. Since not long after the Civil War, the progressives (they've gone by many names) have infiltrated all major institutions of our country.

Every government branch, educational institution, and "the press" is overrun with collectivists. Everyone alive in the US has been indoctrinated to some degree or another. It's all based on making us feel bad or sorry for others.

To really bring back the freedom that our Founders wanted for us, we need to completely gut the government education system and teach entire new generations about what it means to be free and self sufficient. If we fail in that, then the American experiment will end.
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