California Was Stolen - It's Time For Us To Take It Back

Disappointed to see so many people are willing to reward treason and theft.

Not too long ago, California was a staunchly red state. In 1994, the real citizens of California passed Proposition 187 banning government benefits to illegal aliens. The Americans in California knew what was coming and tried to stop it. The Americans in California voted the right way to do the right thing.

An activist Marxist posing as a judge reversed that ballot. He illegally reversed a lawful vote by tens of millions of Californians. Because of that, the floodgates were open.

As the illegals flooded in, they were allowed to vote, fraudulently overriding the votes of millions of real Americans who were seeing their state stolen from them.

California did not end up the way it is now because a bunch of liberals debated their points with their opponents and convinced the masses that the liberal agenda was right.

They committed fraud. They committed treason. And now people want to reward that behavior by allowing the traitors and invaders to walk off with California, a move that not only steals a big, beautiful state filled with enormous amounts of natural resources, but strands the millions of real Americans who still live in the large areas of the state that are rural.

No way. California stays with us. Fraud, theft and treason will not be rewarded, nor will we abandon our real countrymen who are left there.

Lock the traitors up, deport the illegal invaders, and start fixing California.
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