Britain Is Retaking Control Of Its Destiny

There are many incongruities in the EU. First, the Common Market was successful. It did not and does not require the EU step of political integration. Political integration can never work because there is just too much history in Europe.

The Germans don't REALLY want to become France and France doesn't REALLY want to become Germany. Etc.

Furthermore, just as part of the argument, take Germany. The Germans are great people: disciplined, industrious, well-educated, etc. But...they really have not been able to get this government thing quite right going back at least 200 years.

And in the 20th century...well....Nobody would say it out loud, but it is also true that nobody would accept the Germans being in charge. We have seen what happens, both in WWI and in WWII.

The British have arguably the oldest, most tried democratic system in the world, and if I am being unpatriotic, then the second-oldest. It is absurd for Britain to be under the tutelage of Germany and France and Italy POLITICALLY.

Leaving the EU doesn't mean abandoning trade with it. But trade and political union are not the same thing. If the EU tries to "punish" Britain for leaving by refusing to trade with it, that is a complete non-starter. The whole point of the WTO is that it sets rules for trading.

If the EU decides to withdraw from or break up the WTO, that is also a non-starter. It would be economic suicide. Britain has a huge number of international relationships - NATO, the G-7, the Commonwealth, veto in the UN, the many countries of which the Queen is Chief of State, the special relationship, so it is not isolating itself.

Britain is retaking control of its destiny politically. The EU was a panic move for Europe to try and maintain its world power position. Nevah happen. Anyway Europe threw that away in the 20th century with WWI and WWII.

The way for Europe to have political and military influence is through alliances. Britain has that influence because it has maintained expeditionary forces and because it is an acceptable presence to a diverse range of nations in conflicts.

So, thrilling times. Britain has decided to maintain itself as a continuing force in history.
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