Border Patrol Ordered To Stand Down

Yeah, maybe they do. But they all seem to run here once they can, don't they? Yup, we are so horrible and such an "evil empire" that the first chance they get where do most people go? They come to the USA. Why?

Probably because we give them everything under the sun and then they can turn on us just like they couldn't in their home country.

However large numbers of people are waking up and starting to realize that maybe if people come here like they did decades ago, and they don't appreciate us and try to give back to the communities where they are living, that maybe they should not be here at all.

People certainly aren't banging down the borders of Russia, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, or a lot of other places are they?

No they keep running until they reach the border here (mainly from the south but people do cross illegally from the northern border and there are plenty that overstay visas as well) and we do nothing to stop them.

Hell in states that border Mexico, Border Patrol agents have been told to stand down and let them come across.

The politicians in DC have bent over backwards to import as many as they can. Then we have a POTUS that just can't get his fill of bringing in every person from countries that want to kill us, literally.

He told us what he was going to do when he said 5 days before the election that he was going to "Fundamentally transform America" and he has. Problem is if Hillary gets in it will be far, far worse.
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