America Needs A Junk Yard Dog


We tried a GOP Establishment RINO hero...McCain. 

We tried a GOP Establishment RINO with PC...Romney. 


Now, America needs a Junk Yard Dog!

We need the biggest, meanest, self funded, trash-talking, bully we can find to take a battle-axe to the GOP RINO establishment and their PC nonsense.

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Donald Trump's Best Comments and Speeches

Read the complete text of Donald Trump's most memorable comments and speeches. Donald Trump will be our next president

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Progress Report: Donald Trump's First 70 Days


Donald Trump is a machine, in only 70 days he's already logged an amazing list of accomplishments.

Unfortunately the media refuses to report on all of the campaign promises President Trump is fulfilling, so people are unaware of the impressive list of issues he has tackled already. 

To help us all keep up, Blogger Shannon Martin documented many of the Trump Administration's early accomplishments in this comment left at  

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Just The Facts


I do not know what the facts are, yet. The facts that are apparent to me are the Media Assault on Trump, period.

1. Trump makes a seemingly unsubstantiated claim.
2. Trump refuses to back down on the claim (Usual for him)
3. Trump requests an investigation of his claims (NOT usual for him)
4. MSM and the entire establishment, rather than investigating claims, call Trump a liar and demand he retract and apologize.

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With 5 Eyes POTUS Can See Anything

all_seeing_eyeThe public is being played for a fool over this surveillance issue. Shock, shock that there might be surveillance of Trump and/or it would have been done by the Brits? Give me a break.

I have been an avid, voracious hobby reader of all things espionage for decades. I have read for decades of the little trick of the NSA/CIA and GCHQ/MI6, getting around domestic spying restrictions by having the other country's agencies doing the spying. 

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Trump Can Reverse The Corruption Of America's Courts


"America’s courts only have power as long as people respect and believe and have confidence in the independence and integrity of those courts."

Are they independent? Absolutely, they regard themselves as fully independent of the United States, the Constitution and the law. Do they have integrity? Well, as much as liberal progressives ever do.

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Donald Trump Has Set The Stage - The Big Show Is About To Begin


It's laughable how many people claim Trump has no evidence of his wire tapping claim when for months all of the MSM have said former officials said that information from the investigation of the Trump campaign bla bla bla.

Do you think that information just fell out of the sky? By the way, there is no evidence of any collusion as published in the NYT and many others. This has also been stated on many news networks.

The fact is Obama never thought, what if Trump wins and has my investigative powers? 

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When Will President Trump's Line-Item Veto Pass Congress?


Whatever happened to the Line-Item Veto? It's always been on the top of the conservative wish-list.  

During Obama's reign-of-terror, Republicans could blame the threat of a Presidential veto for their Line-Item Veto inaction.

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How Is Donald Trump Supposed To Debate A Democrat Mob?

Ms. Noonan criticizes Trump saying "he doesn't perform a primary and obvious function of presidents which is to argue for things." Well, how do you argue with a mob?

How do you argue with Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi?

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The Deep State's Combined Offensive On Trump Has Begun

This is one of the many early salvos that the entrenched media, academia, progressive politicians (including those on Capitol Hill) and Hollywood, collectively referred to as the "Deep State", will be firing on a daily basis at the new administration.

Much of the content will be fake news or "gray" propaganda, as we used to refer to half-truths in the psyop business. The goal of such "news" is to keep the Trump administration on the defensive by attempting to overwhelm it with noise and ferocity so that true articles cannot get out.

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