Fight Corruption By Reducing America's Bloated Bureaucracy

We could get rid of the TSA and DHS since they have accomplished nothing but inconvenience travelers, waste tax dollars, destroy constitutional liberty, and add un-needed and unwanted levels of bureaucracy.

We could then bring back the Airport/transit police and train them to do a better job than the TSA did without the incompetence.

Israel is surrounded by threats yet their security is far superior to ours at a mere fraction of the cost and is less invasive to its citizenry. We could additionally merge so many agencies. 

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The Clintons Dirty Dealings Have Infected Our Politics

We all - every single one of us - know the truth now. Even democrats know exactly who these two grifters from Arkansas are. They have been making themselves obscenely rich by lying, by cheating, by obfuscation, by skirting the law - in fact, they have turned American politics upside down with their dirty-dealings.

The problem is this: they have had so much help along the way be it direct or indirect that it is almost impossible to predict that either of them will pay for their 'selling-out' of America.

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The Clintons Grand Tapestry Of Corruption

I think that has been their strategy for decades. Petty criminals are caught eventually for a single crime. They are tried and convicted of that crime and punished.

But when three decades of graft, extortion, intimidation, pay-for-play, and money laundering are woven together into one fabric, the masses look back in awe at the tapestry itself and assume that each criminal and immoral act is just a lovely thread.

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Doug Band Memo Outlines The Clintons' Corruption

At the heart of the Clinton Foundation investigation is whether Bill and Hillary and Doug Band broke federal law in the incestuous relationship between the Clinton Foundation, State Dept., Teneo (Doug Band's consulting firm) and Bill Clinton, as speaker-for-hire.

It is illegal to use a 510(c)3 non-profit for personal enrichment, so for instance if, as alleged, Clinton minions at the Clinton Foundation directed donors to hire Bill Clinton, guest speaker, as part of a "package", then the self-enrichment indictment could be made based on these facts.

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The Questions FBI Director Comey Must Answer Now

FBI Director Comey said there's nothing in the 650,000 emails found on Anthony Weiner's computer that will change his decision NOT to investigate Hillary Clinton further.

If that's the case, Mr. Comey, then BEFORE THE ELECTION, the American people deserve answers to the following questions:

1). If no crimes were committed, why did Hillary's co-conspirators plead the 5th?

2). If no crimes were committed, why did you give Hillary's co-conspirators immunity?

3). If no crimes were committed, why did Hillary's co-conspirators refuse to appear after receiving a Congressional subpoena?

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How Much More Corruption Will It Take To Wake People Up

It's time to ask. So, just exactly how much accumulated crime does it take to wake up those brain dead voters who plan to elect Clinton?

We've already got bribery, intimidation, uttering threats, collusion, racketeering, conspiracy, theft, conversion, and lying.

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Pre-Election Search Engine Results: Best Comments on Clinton

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3). The very bad jokes Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump told at the Al Smith dinner. Trump's comments seemed unusually mean-spirited, given the forum.

4). Hillary Clinton's Sickest Burns From the Al Smith Dinner.

5). Best Hillary Clinton Quotes. The top best quotes by Hillary Clinton during the 2nd Presidential Debate.

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Pre-Election Search Engine Results: Best Comments on Trump

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Best Comments On Clinton's Email Scandal


This extremely secure and private meeting outside of the public eye between Clinton and AG Lynch shocks the educated conscience and is an affront to our legal system and republic.

In the least it has created a controverted “appearance” of extremely unethical behavior on the part of AG Lynch.

What is uncontroverted is that she actually met with the husband of an individual who is under a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION by USDOJ of historic measure and, worse, she (Lynch) is the likely individual who will make the final determination as to whether a federal criminal indictment and prosecution will proceed against Clinton.

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Did Citizen Journalists Discover Clinton Scheme To Frame Julian Assange?

When a Texas company tried to get Julian Assange to accept $1 Million from the Russian Government...and then accused him of pedophilia when he rejected their offer, Citizen Journalists investigated and uncovered a web of deception that's fit for a spy novel.

When they peeled back the layers the investigators discovered all roads led to Hillary Clinton. The evidence they collected shows what lengths Hillary Clinton and her Cabal of corrupt lawyers will go to in order to seize power. This is a must-read.

Read the article outlining what these Citizen Journalists discovered at

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