Political Correctness Is Endangering Us All

The American Culture_War Is Raging

The war against political correctness must not be underestimated and/or written-off as mere 'dinner time conversation'. For this war is well and live, and it is completely reshaping the political order.

What makes the war on political correctness unique is that it cuts through all divisions of class, pay, education, race, religion, and gender. People of all types are truly fed up with not being able to speak about anything honestly anymore. 

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Hollywood Blames Online Trolls For Box Office Woes

hollywood_films_800.pngPerhaps, just perhaps, a good start might be for Hollywood to stop blaming everyone, and everything, else and start taking some responsibility for the climate they have created.

It's not rocket science that if you tell half of America that you despise them, and everything they stand for, they will not applaud you for it.

The fact is you need them far more than they need you and insulting people constantly sends the message that you think the opposite is true.

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Darwin's Termites: Destroying America's Colleges From Within

Left-Wing Professors have been fomenting turmoil and outright anarchy at colleges across the nation. Parents are responding to their extremist behavior by voting with their wallets.

Darwin's TermitesFor example, the Progressive riot that occurred at the University Of Missouri in 2015 has had a profound impact on the college's ability to recruit students. Enrollment has declined by over 23%. 

To reduce costs, Mizzou closed dormitories. Ironically, dorms named "Respect", "Excellence" and "Responsibility" were among the shuttered. 

Commenter JuliaTheMechanic at PJMedia.com details why she thinks our institutions of higher learning are in such big trouble.

Read JuliaTheMechanic's interesting comments below. 

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The Church Of Global Climate Change


The Left is against all forms of religion...except the form they've created themselves.

Progressive zealots are now blaming everything -- from terrorism to poverty -- on the religious mythology they call Man-Caused Global Warming.

Blogger Surfinnonreality explains how the Left-Wing Extremists' religion has striking similarities to the traditional religions Leftists regularly oppose.

Read the interesting Climate Change comment Surfinnonreality left at AmericanThinker.com

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Can The Union Survive This Cultural Civil War?


After my experiences, flying with DNC "strategists," listening to DNC luminaries such as Debbie "Blabbermouth" Schultz and of course, Donna "Big Mama" Brazile, Senator Tim Kaine along with "Algore" and company, I can attest to you, that they are STRONG advocates of a "Progressive Totalitarian" State.

I was once told, by one of Algore's cronies, in the future, there will be no corporate jets. "Only those flown for the people." I asked him what he meant by that, and the reply involved "too much carbon footprint," and the "inequality" of corporate fat cats, flying around in private jets, screwing-up the planet!

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Progressive Extremists Remind Us Of Germany In The 1930s


And Tim Allen is absolutely correct in his 1930s Germany analogy.

We've got all these Marxists running around, screaming "Nazi" and "fascist" at everyone who disagrees with them; when it is they who are inciting violence, beating people up who disagree with them; and rioting. 

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Google Censors "Offensive Or Upsetting" Entries In Search Engine Results


Do people really have a problem with ignoring what they don't like? My god!

Who decides what is offensive? A bunch of brainwashed snowflakes or real people because snowflakes are not real people.

They are adult babies poorly brought up by apologetic parents without real life skills spewing the poor liberal apologetic education that says everyone gets a trophy.

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It's Open Season On Donald Trump Supporters


I have seen so much wrong go unpunished over the last year that I am losing hope that anything will be done about it.

The things that Hillary and Obama have done and gotten away with have emboldened their supporters to the levels of violence that we are seeing from them. They think that they can get away with breaking the laws of justice like their leaders.

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The Left Has Not Been Defeated

the isms aren't defeated

Socialism, progressivism, leftism, feminism, globalism, climatism, etc., none of the "isms" will ever be defeated, as this article implies.

In fact, the ideologies and forces that we identify with the "left" have been around for thousands of years and will never be vanquished, because they spring from the most fundamental and strongest human need -- the need for security. 

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People On-The-Right Must Organize To Defeat The Progressive Anarchists

People On The Right Need To Get Organized

We, the People, must realize that the clear and present danger lies with the enemy within. A strategy must be employed to defeat these Radicals.

1-We must develop a strategy to combat these hate Trump Revolutionaries. We are at WAR!!! These Haters are staging a silent coup to sabotage and overthrow the past election.

2- LABEL them. They ARE the enemy. They are not the "loyal" opposition or the Democrat Party. THEY ARE FASCIST REVOLUTIONARIES who seek to IMPOSE their will on the rest of us.

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