Bernie Sanders Supporters Draw Red Line For DNC

Dear Hillary Supporters,

When we tell you that we are only for Bernie and will not vote for your candidate in the general election, we are not asking for your agreement nor are we looking for an argument.

The reason we tell you is because we know how important it is to you that your party wins the general election. We know you fear a Trump presidency the way we fear a Clinton presidency.

We are giving you notice before the convention, so you won't be surprised at our lack of support for Hillary if you were to nominate her.

We're telling you this while you have an opportunity to support Bernie Sanders' nomination, so your party can win by including us.

Insult us however you want to. It's not open for discussion. We are not bluffing. We don't trust her. Her words are meaningless. There is nothing she can say to change our minds. No "buts".

We will vote for Bernie if his name is on the ballot. If it isn't, we'll write him in. Those of us who can't write him in might vote Green, for her opponent, or not at all.

We can all be united with your party if you nominate Bernie. You're on your own if you nominate her. It's that simple.


The Independents, Conservatives, Republicans and Bernie - only Democrats who would love to be united with you in the party for Bernie Sanders.

On Instagram - @californiaforbernie
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