Be Proud Of Your Country, Your Heritage and Yourself

Many of these countries still have a huge problem with their populations that never seem to learn from history. As the worlds economies collapse from "globalism", these people are still there, voting for the "collective".

We already know that it is a failure of an idea, and we must bring down the other organizations that threaten the free world.

The EU and the UN are the next ideas that have seen their rise to unelected power, where they try to place huge levies on the worlds greatest countries.

They are a danger to freedom itself and must be stripped of their powers before they destroy us all. The UK was wise, just barely, the US was wise, just barely, and now it appears the Italians were somewhat wise, but they still have a long way to go.

Germany has a chance to oust that idiot that has already done damage to their country that will never be repaired. If they don't stop her next year, they are finished.

We must all be proud of our countries, our heritage, ourselves. Anyone that tries to guilt you for your strong patriotism is part of the problem. Stay clear of them, warn others about their hatred of their own identity. Maybe they will wake up, or just leave to some country that has values they are more agreeable with. like china, Russia or North Korea.

In the end, anyone that has allegiances with a country other than where they live, should return to the country they are so freaking proud of. If you do not fly the flag of the country you live in, then you are the problem. Either respect the flag of the nation you choose to live in, or get the hell out, it's that simple.
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