AT&T Is Spying On You

As a former employee of AT&T, I am not surprised at the willingness to get in bed with the NSA. I remember them lying several years ago. about providing the NSA access to the customer's phone records.

Not only did they lie but Congress passed a law giving them retroactive immunity against lawsuits for violating their customer's privacy.

I'm sure that in exchange of cooperating with the NSA, they got billions in government contract in exchange for their cooperation. In fact, the only chairman of the only phone company (Quest) that did not provide records to the government was indicted for insider trading.

Eisenhower warned about the military-industrial complex. We should also be concerned about the national surveillance-telecommunications complex since for all practical reasons, there are only two phone companies.

May there be a pox on AT&T and all other companies who place their government above privacy.



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