Is Article V - A Sucker's Gambit?

The only thing we've seen proposed for this convention is a set of rules that legalize the errors of our current criminals in office and then gives them more power.

Instead, why don't we use the power of nullification 9th and 10th amendments and the power of redress of grievance as protected by the 1st amendment. We can reserve the power of forced compliance as protected by the 2nd amendment if these two don't work.

The power of redress being the least understood, please allow me to explain how it can work. Simply, as the sovereigns of this nation We the People (the lawful citizens) have the right to a transparent and accountable government. We have the right know what our public servants are doing and to hold them accountable. We have the right to bring all of them before periodic public boards of review to measure their work against our Constitutions and Laws and their oaths of office.

The 2nd amendment protects our right to employ our militias to ensure that our servants cooperate with this review process.

Titles of nobility are expressly forbidden in our Constitution. Somehow our Representatives, Senators, Governors, Judges, etc. have forgotten this and have come to believe that, as long as they can get elected, they can do whatever they want. So, they pander to those who don't mind treading on our Constitution and the RIGHTS OF ALL THE OTHER CITIZENS for their own selfish purposes: all the while touting how much they love the Constitution and this country.

We must stop listening to what they say, and start closely examining what they do and holding them criminally liable for misbehavior. Until we do this, there is no law, charter, or constitution that will keep them in check. And, because a government left unchecked will continue it's insatiable grab for power, employing this system of review may be our last, best hope at avoiding civil war. 



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