Are The FBI Still The Good Guys?

Are They The Good Guys Or The Bad Guys?

One still does not understand how a government employee, can handle and transmit classified material through an unauthorized and insecure communications system, without being prosecuted and punished for doing so?

Anyone who is authorized to handle security information, must receive a clearance to do so and understand the requirements for handling classified material. There is no acceptable excuse for disclosing classified material, once a person is cleared to handle classified material!

Therefore, one cannot understand why FBI director Comey, did not recommend an investigation into the unauthorized handling of classified material by Hillary Clinton?

That was not an error in judgement act by Comey, it was deliberate!

Reports have surfaced after Comey first excused Clinton's sloppy handling of classified material, that several members within the FBI agency rebelled and threatened to go public with suppressed information on Clinton's actions. It was then that Comey reopened his investigation for a week or so, before closing it again without recommending further legal action.

Something really stinks in D.C., especially at the FBI agency! One also read a report today on Facebook no less, stating that some FBI agents have leaked a story on the Deputy Chief of the FBI, holding a clandestine meeting with upper level staff, for the purpose of not only taking down Gen. Flynn but also Pres. Trump.

Where their is smoke, there is usually fire and a thorough investigation into these allegations are absolutely necessary! Instead of having a trustworthy FBI, we may very well have a radical, left wing Gestapo on our hands.

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