Another Clothespin Election


Interesting that when men self-identify as women, the media accepts it as truth. When women self-identify as men, they accept it wholeheartedly. When Transsexuals decide they get to choose where they do their business, we're told to accept it as a way of life. 

But when a murderous, self-identifying Radical Muslim Jihadist tell us what he's all about, we're told by the Liar-In-Chief and his Suck-Up Sycophant Presstitutes that the issue is all about gun control. 

I guess the sociopathic Progressive-Leftists think the rest of us are as dumbstruck with the awesomeness of the Naked Emperor Man-Child as they are and that we'll swallow their political Kool-aid without question. 

Too bad things aren't going according to plan. Time to ramp up the flow of Syrian "refugees" into the country without adequate background checks so that by the time the election is here, they will have achieved critical mass and we'll be unable to turn back the tide of lawlessness being inflicted upon us. 

Does anyone want to bet that these "refugees" are given a voter registration along with their "get free stuff" card on the way in the door? 

Political Correctness is a virus that has infected almost every corridor of governance. It's already overtaken the University system. 

Time to pull the plug on it and elect Donald Trump. He's not my ideal candidate by any means, but he's 180° from the HildaBeast's agenda. That's good enough to put a clothespin on my nose and vote against every "D" and incumbent running for office.  

I suggest everyone bring a clothespin with them and we make a visual statement in the voting precincts. As far as I can tell (I am a poll worker here in Georgia) there's nothing preventing anyone from doing so. It's not a political statement, even though it might LOOK like one... It's totally bi-partisan!



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