Americans Have Had Enough Progressive Kookery

It appears they will never understand. It is NOT a spreading Republican tide. It is a spreading AMERICAN tide; a renewal of the American spirit of freedom and pride.

A return to the basics of a severely restricted federal government, and a halt to the graft and corruption of the big, fat, gluttonous, lazy pig of Washington.

Americans across the country - other than the flecks of urban or illegal alien infested blue - have now seen just about enough of the destructive secular progressive liberal kookery of the Left (and the establishment Republicans who enable it), and have declared it America's #1 domestic enemy.

Short of disowning it, the Democrats are in for an era of center-right normalcy, until they can fool America once again with a great speechifying, emotion-based, conservative-veneered, thrill-up-the-leg candidate. .

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