America's Acceptable Immigration Risk

Thought experiment:
- Assume 1000 refugees.
- Assume that there are an unknown number of violent offenders.
- Assume an imperfect immigration screening process.
- How many violent offenders are we as a society willing to accept the risk for, to help the refugees?
- Zero? Means we never accept refugees.
- 1000? Extreme cost to American society.

So somewhere in that range, there is a number that defines "Acceptability", even acknowledged by the most ardent liberal. 

So what are the conditions to determine that number? How to quantify?

This is the issue that is being avoided by the Progressives (to some degree, Conservatives). It shows that there are limits of reality to solving social issues.

Sometimes the best that can be done is to accept they exist, and establish boundaries for containment and resulting isolation.

To complicate this further, change the initial assumption to be "There are an unknown number of immigrants that do not adhere to American values".

How to quantify? Change the pledge to incorporate more specificity for those American values? Probationary period to continue monitoring to insure adherence? Secondary citizenship status until probationary period complete? Personal references and interview for final grant of citizenship?

Interesting slope, to continue sliding...
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