America Needs A Junk Yard Dog


We tried a GOP Establishment RINO hero...McCain. 

We tried a GOP Establishment RINO with PC...Romney. 


Now, America needs a Junk Yard Dog!

We need the biggest, meanest, self funded, trash-talking, bully we can find to take a battle-axe to the GOP RINO establishment and their PC nonsense.

Someone who is smart and tough, so the heat and knives from backstabbing DC Rinocrats just glance off. So he can go to work on beating the bigger enemy, the corrupt-to-the-bone Democrat establishment.

Then we need him to take that same battle-axe and;

  • tear down all the executive orders
  • seal the border
  • trash amnesty
  • get our jobs back
  • fix or kill Obamacare
  • confront terrorists
  • stop the Iran nukes 

And generally clear the way so that, hopefully, we can start rebuilding the American dream! It is gonna be a very long tough haul! 

Have you seen anybody like that?

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