America Is Balkanizing

We're Balkanizing.

This did not happen during the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries because America was an industrialized nation then. An industrial economy creates a very strong middle class and is equal opportunity - you work based on what you can do and your value as a skilled worker and craftsman.

You can't do that in a 'services' economy, as your worth depends on education, and not all education is equal - from the university down to the grade school level.

In fact, service economies, which are by definition not industrial, are the same as unindustrialized third world economies - they are FEUDAL, with a 1% hypereducated elite in control of all productive resources (typically land and light industry), a 9% intelligensia that keeps the gears of society turning, and a 90% serf class with zero upward mobility.

Until we reindustrialize (which will entail massive, fundamental changes to government and economic institutions), we will continue sliding into third world poverty, despair and feudalism.



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