ObamaCare Is Shooting America In The Foot

I am so sick and tired of being punished at every turn by the Obama Administration and the government at every level taking away things that I work to earn and own. Obamacare's taxing of "Cadillac" plans is one more violation of the used-to-be-successful perks of the American work ethic.

Obamacare should have been just another health care plan among all the rest. If we don't want it, we shouldn't have to have it, and we shouldn't have to pay for what we don't use. 

As a working American, I cannot afford to carry the weight of the at least 60 million missing Americans who were aborted and many of whom would have been taxpayers, and the costs of additional taxes to make up for the nearly 93 million other out of work or underemployed Americans on my family's budget. Enough already.

There is no such thing as a "Cadillac" plan. There are only health care plans that used to be the norm for employed workers. "Cadillac" is a thorough misnomer meant to "shame" people who have had proper insurance for years into accepting now "bicycle" level insurance as normal. And, the $10,500 cost for an individual mentioned in the article is a farce. At our firm, Blue Cross/Blue Shield premiums run minimum for an individual for $13,000-$14,000. $10,500 is artificially low on purpose.

When Americans have to pay double, triple, quadruple costs for out-of-pocket expenses and astronomical co-pays instead of them being paid by health insurance as in the past, those funds are not available to beef up the rest of the American economy by people having discretionary money to spend on appliances, college educations, homes, furniture, vehicles, etc. -- all the things that we need to be able to purchase to keep the economy going.

One more way Obamacare is shooting America in the foot.



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