ACA's Grand Slight of Hand

It just SEEMS like that sometimes. The real goal of ObamaCare was to help turn the U.S. into a Soviet-style dictatorship, and Obama has not quite accomplished that goal yet.

The idea of making sure that all American citizens have access to the doctor SOUNDS GREAT, but that is not what the Obama Democrats did, nor was it their intentions anyway.

There are answers for taking care of people who need better care and better insurance, but the Democrats went straight to power-grabbing and money-grabbing, while ignoring some very common-sense solutions.

The Obama Democrats whole scheme was to do TWO MAJOR THINGS:

1.Use ObamaCare to run Obama Money Laundromats, converting tax money into slush fund money that their Leftist operatives would use to conduct political campaigning and political indoctrination.

2. Use ObamaCare to force Christians and honest people to pay for, support, and even conduct abortions, as well as to cooperate with all LGBT propaganda and to make it easier than ever for liberal men to sexually abuse women and girls. The body snatchers love Planned Parenthood, giving them a supply of aborted babies to cut up and sell like veal.

ObamaCare demands that you provide to the government and government-controlled agencies all your health information, financial information, and other information that used to be private. There is so much hacking of government websites now, that no one will ever know when the Obama Administration is merely careless when giving hackers all your personal information or when they purposely give their political allies the information they need to blackmail you and destroy you.

The second goal is all politics and cultural "transformation." That's what the Hobby Lobby fiasco was about. That's why the Obama Administration actually tried to force Catholic hospitals and Catholic organizations to cooperate with liberal abortion agendas.

One of the reasons that democrats pretend to solve problems BUT DO NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEMS is because they need those problems in the next election cycle.


Democrats NEED the blacks to still need THEM, so democrat solutions never solve any of the problems facing blacks. Most actions taken by democrats and most public comments made by democrats continue to make the situation worse for blacks in every way.

The same has occurred with ObamaCare. The Democrats continue to declare that all they need is more cooperation from everyone and ESPECIALLY MORE MONEY! order to make ObamaCare work...someday...someday...someday.

Democrats and their operatives continue trying to make the case that all problems would be solved if Obama's political opponents would just simply agree 100% with EVERYTHING Obama wants.

They believe that, by the time all the American People discover what frauds these Obama Democrats are, the democrat politicians will be long gone and retired and then they can hide in peace.



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