Absolute Power Has Corrupted Washington DC Absolutely

The Blue Corruption Has Taken Over DC

Trump is scary, that is just true, yet I find myself joining the foray and on his side at times because the whole system is so corrupt that we might need a wrecking ball to spread all the bits to the wind.

There may not be a way in the system to correct the system because it is too far gone.

What we do (the USA) is morally and ethically wrong on multiple fronts. We live on the backs of other's misery. I can KNOW that. Why else does the world hate us? It's not for our freedoms. It is for our arrogance and our willingness to lie to them and ourselves about just how badly we are abusing our power.

Most of them are corrupt, probably because absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is a natural evolution of a system that has grown too large; those at the top do not have compassion for those on the lower rungs because they are either:

1. Sociopaths
2. Narcissists
3. Out of touch with the lived experiences of those they are supposed to be serving because they have access to better resources and they don't "really" get it any more (or never did). 
4. Large systems will be stupid systems because the left hand is not aware of what the right hand is doing. Chaos ensues. Out of touch, stupid, ignorant, selfish, it all adds up to an unmonitored mess.

The longer you are in, the more you have compromised, the more jaded you become, the more you give up your ideals and sell out your integrity. Abusing power becomes mundane, no big deal, business as usual, second nature.

I must disagree with you. I think this power will be abused if you leave mentally ill people alone with it. They are mostly mentally ill, from my frame of reference (see what I conceded there?).

My common sense says don't trust Trump 100% and don't trust them, either. This is too much power, period.

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