A Message From Non-hyphenated America


While we all know the dire straits we find ourselves in and we discuss the formidable challenges we face and the solutions to address them TODAY is a day to be thankful for living in the greatest country god gave man : THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Allow me to give you the perspective of a legal immigrant and citizen that is here by choice and wakes up every morning with my love affair for America even stronger.

America is the only country created on an idea. In no other country can you ever become one of them : you can live in the UK and France and Germany or even India or China and if you are not from there you will never ever belong or be accepted. The concept of assimilation and becoming an American because you have allegiance to a set of timeless ideals based in nature’s law is unique to America and no other nation will ever have it.

From when I was a kid in India old enough to have a rudimentary understanding of the world my goal was to come to America.

I remember watching Ronald Reagan speak in 1984 when I was 15 and I was in awe and decided right then I have to go to this land where this great leader lives. I became engrossed in the offerings of American culture and the unlimited possibilities always beckoned to me.

My sole reason for studying after that was to find the best path to come to America and in 1991 I did. With $800 and a dream the moment I landed I knew I belonged and fit right in. The welcoming and tolerant nature of the American people was apparent to me from day one and long before I became a citizen I viewed myself as an American in spirit and thinking and the legal documents caught up later on.

In America you can still wake up with a sense of hope and optimism no matter how old you are and what your current station in life maybe. You can still start afresh because this society like no other accepts failure and new starts. This is absolutely not the case in every other nation where failure dooms you forever for the most part. This is one of the systemic strengths of America that no one else can ever copy. Our deep rooted sense of optimism and possibility and the stories of people overcoming obstacles are all around us and inspire us.

In America it matters less than any place else who your parents were in determining where you end up. You can be born in the worst circumstances and still escape them as an adult if you really want to. This is extremely difficult anywhere else.

Perhaps the most “American” concept is where our rights come from. When I travel abroad and tell people “our rights come from god and are inalienable” they look at me like I am crazy. Here we hold these truths to be self evident.

The concept of freedom of speech while under assault is still greater here than anyplace else. In ANY other nation I would be in jail for what I say on Facebook and in person to many people. In America my rights to free speech…especially unpleasant political speech are protected.

The very concept of our bill of rights is to tell the government what they CANNOT do. This is a totally unknown concept anywhere else, where the widely accepted concept is that the constitution, if it does exist, says what the government CAN and MUST do. Separation of powers is an unknown concept anyplace else.

Perhaps the most amazing part of America is how far away from the political world us regular Americans get along just fine for the most part. I have been fortunate to travel all over this great nation and interacted with all kinds of people from every background you can think of, and the richness of the experience and the amazing level of acceptance and tolerance astounds me. We have a civil society here like no other place on earth folks.

This is simply not seen and never will happen in any other nation because they are based on ethnicities or boundaries…we are based on a timeless set of ideas that are inspired by God.

So folks while there is no question we are a nation living in times of great peril, today is the time to get on your knees and thank God that you live in America. It is absolutely the essential nation and the very greatest country on earth. Not because we are better people necessarily but because we are based on a set of principles and ideas which are based on nature’s God and human nature. America is ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

We are a nation worth fighting for and preserving, because without us the world falls into 1000 years of darkness and tyranny. We owe it to our posterity to never give up and keep fighting in the arena we find ourselves in and never let this great American spirit die.

I literally kiss the ground of America when I come back from abroad. There is no America left for us to escape to…this is it. Although I have only met a few of you, I feel a strong sense of kinship to many of you infidels and perhaps more of us shall cross paths.

This non-hyphenated American, that came to America in 1991 with $800 and a dream, today lives a life that while not opulent is one I could never imagine anywhere else in the world is eternally grateful and blessed to be here, where I belong, with you patriots.

God Bless America.



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