A Hostile Takeover Of The West Is Under Way

This manufactured invasion of Europe by Saracens, a crisis of Biblical proportions, has been caused by reckless and misguided plots of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (as his Secretary of State) to destabilize Libya and Syria.

The grossly incompetent but powerful pair pursued the globalist agenda of the influential clique, composed of genetically alien trans-nationals, that for half century has been fighting a demographic war against white Christians.

The hostility of the clique towards ethnic majorities in Europe and the U.S. is so obvious, yet its propaganda machine, a.k.a. the "mainstream" media, deceived about half of them so that they do not sense their own displacement and eventual extinction coming.

The population of whites is declining not only as a percent of the total but also in absolute numbers, and that is the most measurable effect of definitely anti-white policies imposed by the globalist clique on most of Western nations.

It is nothing short of hostile takeover, and will continue until the West as we know it is gone, unless we flock together and get rid of the parasites (figuratively speaking) that live and prosper off our hard work and the economic system that we and our ancestors have built.

Election of Trump would be the first step towards de-parasitizing of the West. The clique knows it. This is why they all, and their propaganda machine, a.k.a. the "mainstream" media, as well as their useful idiots, are attacking Trump with all the weaponry they have at their disposal.

Whatever happens in November, at least now you know who your deadly enemy is.
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