A California Secession Wouldn't Be Anything Like Secessionists Envision

A California secession would be very messy and the probability of great violence is pretty significant. It would not work as envisioned by the secessionists.

If California were to be allowed to "peacefully" secede it would likely be with Congress carving the current geographic California into at least 2 or more political areas and then kicking the coastals out of the USA.

Even if the federal government did not carve up the state into multiple political units and keep some portions within the USA? You'd have civil war.

I'm not in the portion of California which considers itself to be the State of Jefferson and I don't know anyone whom I know to be an active proponent of that SOJ. But I know enough to where I cannot imagine them peacefully allowing themselves to be stripped of their USA citizenship and being shoved into an extreme fascist country.

There would be wholesale resistance and a declaration of their independence from Kalifornia.

You'd likely have similar armed resistance in the Sierra Nevada's and in much of the Central Valley. I don't view those areas as a certainty to be willing to take up arms to secede from Kalifornia, but the odds are not insignificant.

Net effect is that what the secessionists would get would not be what they expect to get. They may still want to do it, but their economy would likely take a really big hit rather rapidly as they would have an immense influx of illegal aliens and suddenly much more difficult communications with the USA proper.

Remember. . . The Kalifornia driver's license does not meet the current federal requirements for a valid ID for travel in the USA. It is/was a waiver which allowed the TSA to use the Kalifornia driver's license as a valid ID - and I'm betting that waiver would not survive the secession. Traveling to the USA would likely not be overly difficult but the pampered Left Coast may be shocked nonetheless.

Lots of things they wouldn't like about the changes.



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