5 Things I Want Donald Trump To Say

1). Sure, I said Rosie O'Donell was a pig. Yes, yes I did.

Hillary Clinton invaded the sovereign nation of Libya, executed its leader, got our brave heroes killed and handed Libya over, on a silver platter, to ISIS.

Which is worse? Calling Rosie O'Donell a pig...or committing war crimes? Rosie is, by the way, a pig. Bigly.

2). Yes, yes I refused to release my tax returns while I'm under an IRS audit. I'm following my lawyers advice.

But Hillary couldn't accept that. So her, and her corrupt friends (probably at the IRS) and the Washington Post, ILLEGALLY leaked one of my tax returns. Then, they claimed my use of a legal deduction, that was APPROVED BY THE IRS, was somehow wrong.

For a week, Hillary and her corrupt friends in the media, tried to convince the American people that I did something wrong.

Which is worse? Following your lawyers advice, or committing FELONIES to make cheap political points?

Well guess what? When I win this election, I PROMISE the American people that I will find out who broke the law here and they will be punished. In a Trump Administration, laws will not be just for the little people ANYMORE.

3). Now, Hillary and her corrupt friends in the media, have released a recording of 2 MEN...talking LIKE MEN DO...in private, to attack me. But hey, it's politics. Dirty tricks are part of the career politicians' skill-set. That's how corrupt politicians stay in power.

But THIS? A Clinton? A CLINTON talking about the degradation of women? That's rich, YOU Hillary are the one who stood by Rapey Bill for 4 decades. YOU attacked the women he assaulted -- it was your hobby.

What's worse? My crude comment, in private -- between 2 adult men -- or you, destroying your husband's sexual assault victims? I think most women would agree with me -- your conduct has been appalling.

4). I've already apologized for my WORDS. Will you apologize to all of the women you hurt with your ACTIONS? I doubt it.

I'm no angel, that's well known. But Hillary's history of scandalous behavior -- from managing 'Bimbo Eruptions' to her Nixonesque deletion of THOUSANDS of email -- are what has made her un-electable. Many Democrats agree with me.

5). You know, I really think the American people are sick of elections like this. I think they've had enough of the 'politics of personal destruction' that politicians, like Hillary, and her corrupt friends in the Main Stream Media, have mastered. I think the American people are ready for a change.

I've received THOUSANDS of messages of support from people all across the country this week. They all say the same thing. The American people want me to fix the broken systems that Hillary Clinton and the rest of the DC Cabal have created.

Oh yeah, and they asked me to give you a message...YOU'RE ALL FIRED!

Hot mic drop.
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