2016 Election: Analysis Of The 1st Debate Between Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton

The goals for the 2 campaigns in the first presidential debate were simple.

Hillary's goals:
1). Reassure her base that she's physically OK and ready to brawl 
2). Hit Trump as many times as she can 
3). Probe for weaknesses she can use in debate #2 
4). Appear 'likable' 
5). Avoid talking about her MANY lies 
6). Avoid talking about her MANY scandals

Hillary executed her game plan well. If Lester Holt, the 'moderator', had not TOTALLY avoided just about every scandal swirling around Hillary's head -- she could not have done as well.

But you have to be fair, Hillary did OK...for someone who's been practicing for this debate her whole life.

Trump's goals:
1). Attack Hillary...but not TOO hard
2). Don't do anything that would alienate more women (playing into the meme the Left has tried to create about him)
3). Appear presidential
4). Make no major mistakes
5). Learn from the experience

Goal #1 was not easy for someone like Trump, he's an alpha-male. You could see him wrestling with it internally near the end of the debate. He REALLY wanted to body-slam Hillary...but he chose not to.

But Trump stood toe-to-toe with Hillary for 90 minutes -- exiting the cage without a mark on him. That alone gives him a small advantage when analyzing the outcome of the debate.

Everyone agrees that Donald missed some golden opportunities to steer the debate onto Hillary's MANY scandals -- chalk it up to debate inexperience. Trump's not a polished political debater. The irony is that many people support Trump specifically BECAUSE he's not polished...or slick.

But the clock is not on Trump's side. If he wants to win, Donald better use what he learned during this 'Mulligan Debate' and step up his game in Round #2.

Hillary didn't convince anyone who's still on the fence to vote for her and Donald didn't shoot himself in the foot. By any reasonable measure, this contest would be considered a draw. Neither candidate will get a bump because of their performance.

While Hillary supporters will declare she 'destroyed' Trump, the outcome was much less rosy for her than Democrats will admit. Hillary has already spent over $100 million in negative ads, promoting the idea that Donald Trump isn't 'capable' of being president.

NO ONE can say that both candidates didn't 'look' presidential during the first debate. So that $100 million Hillary spent, wound up being wasted. Lucky for her, the Billionaires, Bankers and Saudis that gave her all that money won't care...as long as she ends up winning.

Donald Trump has repeatedly ridiculed Romney's 2012 debate performance against Obama. If Trump repeats the same mistakes Romney made, he'll end up sharing Romney's fate. Hopefully Mr. Trump will adjust his tactics in the upcoming debates and avoid joining Romney on the ash-heap of GOP history.

We're in a political street-fight with Neo-Marxist Progressives. They're not known for pulling their punches. If Donald Trump can't shake off his hesitancy to get down and dirty with these Neo-Marxist Thugs, he's gonna lose. If he loses, we all lose.

If you haven't done anything yet to support Mr. Trump's campaign, please consider making a donation...or even volunteering. https://www.donaldjtrump.com

PS - Political scientists acknowledge that a 'bump' in the polls following a debate only lasts for 7-10 days. As we saw in 2012, Romney cleaned Obama's clock in the first debate. It meant NOTHING. Barring anything crazy happening in the early debates...the last debate is the only debate that really matters.
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